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Favorite Fanfics

This list will always be a list “in progress” as I discover new fanfics. (Updated as of 07/29/12)

I have a few general rules when it comes to the fanfiction I read.

  1. Grammar is important. If you’re going to take the time to write, please take the time to edit. Spellcheck is your friend. So are periods, commas, semicolons, dashes, question marks and exclamation points.
  2. The overusing of specific adjectives. If I have to read the same adjective over and over in a single chapter, my review will only contain a link to an online thesaurus.

Other than that, I’m fairly malleable. Writing styles take practice and work. People learn and styles get better the more they write.

Now, in the universe of the Southern Vampire Mysteries, my criterion for fanfiction is based on several character rules – primarily focused on Sookie and Eric. I do not object to fics that are somewhat out of character (OOC) – as long as that is stated outright. I take issue with fics that profess to using the canon characters but are clearly OOC, if not immediately, than within the first few chapters.

What do I mean by that?

Well, for starters – an overly sentimental Eric, or an extremely domineering Eric. Eric doesn’t care about what clothes Sookie is wearing every minute of everyday. He’s got an bar to run and an Area to oversee. There are only so many hours in the night. What the hell does he care about Sookie’s clothes (for example) or the car she drives – which is a Malibu! In good condition!

An Eric that brutalizes, chains, beats, rapes or otherwise berates Sookie but professes to be “canon” or “Dark Eric.” Guess what? Dark Eric? That’s Bill (without the chains, obviously).

A Sookie that just does everything Eric says, foregoes her friendships,  and is totally fine with being Eric’s “pet.” Yeah, no. That’s not Sookie. That’s a fangbanger.

Some of my favorite fics are actually AU fics. Why? Because you get to change the rules. Sticking to canon means that’s where your characters minds have to be but when you have a whole different situation, you’ve made a completely new starting point. So I can enjoy Sookie as a fairy fics, Sookie as a vamp fics, Eric not being Sheriff or any odd number of pairings. I love a good “What if?” fic.

For my list of what Sookie and Eric are and what they aren’t, see my profile on Fanfiction. net here.

Favorites List of Completed Fanfics


Dead Until Dark from Eric’s POV  By Evey Edge.

This is probably the best EPOV out there for a “back at the beginning” look into Eric’s mindset when he first encounters Sookie.

Home Sweet Dead by RoseMac

Set three years after the end of Dead and Gone, Sookie and Eric have been on the run. Now they’re returning home.

Dead Dread by June Smith (Anything by her is an automatic win)

After Dead & Gone, Sookie figures out her relationship with Eric. Murders at Fangtasia, Vegas vamps, Jason’s love life, and Louisiana politics won’t make the job any easier.

Death Do Us Part by June Smith

Eric follows Sookie to Sam’s brother’s wedding. Continues from Dead in the Family.

(Possibly the best post-DITF fic I’ve read)

Viking Vs.Vampire by Aoifenz

Inspired by DTTW, but the stranger Sookie picks up is a living Viking mysteriously transported through time and space. With Bill finally out of the picture, Eric now faces his toughest competition for Sookie yet – himself. Which Eric will Sookie choose?

Dead With The Vikings by Thyra10

Sookie wakes up in a bed a 1000 years ago without knowing how she got there. The story takes place after chapter 1 in Dead in the Family. Spoilers for all books. Rated M for later.

We Who Are Alive And Remain by Kilara25

What if Sookie could hear vampires?

Ache For You by SeaStarr08

Canon/AU: Instead of being saved in DAG, Sookie disappeared from Eric’s life, but continued to haunt his dreams. Thirty years later, he starts to realize what it all means.

Dead To Her World by JJ Louise

Late one night, while driving back to his bar in Shreveport, Eric spies a woman running down the highway. He stops to help her. He’s drawn to her. A/U, kinda OOC

The Blood Donor by BathshebaRocks

AU – Sookie’s got some money problems. A quick night’s work as a donor at a vampire function seems like an easy way to fix that. Turns out not to be so simple.

The Blood Slave by Wylis

A possible look at what life would have been like if Sookie was taken by vampires 150 years before the great reveal. Based on Eric’s and Sookie’s discussion on what some humans were used for.

The Dark Side of the Light by Mazza666

AU/Some OOC War is being waged between vampires and the fae. Part fae Sookie Stackhouse seeks vengeance against the vampire who killed her parents. When captured by vampire Eric Northman she is forced into an alliance which has Sookie questioning everything she knows

The Ties That Bind Me by Djehmli

AU/OOC – What if Sookie only met Eric once and Bill was able to follow through and deliver her to the Queen. What happens years later when Sookie has full use of her Fae powers

What Happened In Vegas by All About Eric

Sookie is lured to Vegas under false pretenses after Eric has been summoned there by Felipe. Love, beytraly, sacrifice, angst. (I like me some angst now and again)

Club Ocella by RheyaKelvina

What if Eric had never left Ocella’s side? What kind of Vampire would have he become? What if Sookie met him in tragic circumstances and developed a vendetta against him? Dark/Angsty.

The Dead Man Of Shreveport by Miral

What happens when a 1,000 year old Viking Vampire Sheriff and a 26 year old telepathic barmaid partner up to solve mysteries? What doesn’t happen might be the better question. A supernatural romantic comedy. AU, SVM canon thru Club Dead.

Dead To My World by afalcone10

What if Hallow cursed Eric so that he lost his memory and ended up meeting Sookie while running down Hummingbird Road…but she had never met him or Bill or any other vampire before.

Deid Til Its Daurk is here. by Jan of Arc

This is the first part to her “Deid” series which features a Scottish Sookie and a vampire Eric.  After her parents die, Sookie is sent to live with friends of her Gran in Glasgow, Scotland. As soon as she hits 18, she returns to Bon Temps a very different person. AU Part 2: Deid Fowk Dinnae Clype

Return Of The Stackhouse Six by Miral

AH/AU Hilariously funny. When Sookie decides to sell the family farm, her five siblings rush home to stop her. What’s their plan? He is 6’4″, gorgeous, and People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Will it work? If you think you might read it, don’t delay! Disney/South Park/Tracy & Hepburn.

Homestay by Ooshka

The fic that started the Homestay series. An A/H fic where Eric is a consultant sent on a temporary assignment  in New Zealand. He meets a Kiwi Sookie and all sorts of life and drama ensue. A wonderful fic that I would highly recommend. She’s nailed Eric and Sookie from an AH perspective in this fic.

Follow it with it’s squeals Home For Christmas Homecoming,  Home Again,  Home Is Where The Heart Is and the currently ongoing Home Truths. There are also several one-shots that are set in between the various multi-chapter stories.

Golden Gothic by RoseMac

Determined to survive the Depression, Jason Stackhouse leaves his farm in Louisiana and heads for 1930s Hollywood, bringing his sister along for the ride. What will Hollywood’s Golden Era hold for Sookie? AH/AU

Breaking Down The Walls by Jan of Arc

Eric has been sheltered to the point where he only trusts one person. Sookie is a disgraced former child star who is attempting to resurrect her career. They have both built walls to protect themselves, can they break them down? It’s an AH, if you can’t tell from the description.

Dead Without A Work Permit by Thyra10

Sookie is tricked by Eric to go to his home country, Norway. Soon she is working for Eric and living in his house. A rewrite of the books into human characters, but still the same Eric and Sookie. AH.

Dust Bunnies and Christmas Presents by Thyra10

Sookie has to celebrate Christmas in freezing cold Scandinavia. Will Eric keep her warm? Will she let him? When there’s an ocean between them, what will they do? AH AU OOC.

*I really enjoyed this one.

Dead on a Football Field by Thyra10

Another great AH by Thyra. All her stories are excellent. Eric is the star of the team, Sookie the new assistant coach. He hates her for being a woman in male football. She hates him for being lazy and cocky. Arrogant Bastard meets the Ice Queen. AH. AU. OOC. There is a  fun little outtake with this as well called WAGS and Wolves.

Favorite SVM Fics Still In Progress

Sookie The Shieldmaiden by Thyra10

Sookie the Shieldmaiden has chosen to live by the sword. On a raid she meets another Viking warrior – a warrior who will turn her life upside down. All Human. Viking age.

Jumping The Void by Jan of Arc

Set after DITF. Claude, desperate to stay connected to the Fae Realm, messes with the portal in Sookie’s back yard – with catastrophic effects on himself and Sookie. AU, rated M just in case things get sweary, violent or sexy.

The Living Dead by June Smith

Eric’s cursed- with a twist. An alternate version of Dead to the World.

Bird In Hand by JanineMNM

What happens when vamps come to Amish country? Englisher Sookie Stackhouse is about to find out. Begins pre-revelation. Sookie/Bill/Eric

In A Bottle by esquilo-negligenciadas

Since the Great Revelation, synthetic blood has presented a point of vulnerability to the vampire population; when its sanctity is threatened, northern Louisiana’s resident telepath finds the plot goes markedly deeper than anticipated. Alternate history.

The Whole Truth by RoseMac

Set before the Great Revelation, Sookie Stackhouse comes from an old political family. Sookie has a secret that may place her in greater danger than her families connections. A political thriller with a supernatural twist.

Your Autumn Moon by Miral

A person would have to be crazy to love someone they feared, wouldn’t they? Pre-Great Revelation, Brooklyn, NY. Late one night a telepathic bartender sees a man fly off the Verrazano Bridge. Dark humor. AU

Giving Up The Ghost by Seastarr08

A canon adventure turned on its head. A young Sookie had a relationship with a drifter that changed her life, and when it ended in heartbreak, she thought that was it. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

(This is so good and well written that it’s off the charts.)

The Trait by J.R. Watkins

When Eric is enlisted to help cure Sookie, what choices will be made to save her life? Canon characters, AU.

Washed Ashore by Vikinglover Elle

It’s simple. Sookie washes up on the shore of a deserted island. She’s hungry, tired and alone. Or so she thinks. Characters are to canon. Telepathic Sookie and Vampire Eric. Mostly Eric/Sookie with a mention of other characters.

Bound and Determined by Djehmli

A continuation of “The Ties That Bind Me”  Eric and Sookie have had a bit of peace before returning to the world of Vampire politics, Human skulduggery, Fairy Alliances and the ever looming threat of a Vampire Culling.

Changing It All by FODforever

Sookie receives a reality-altering gift from Niall, and makes a plan to right the wrongs in her life; but can she change the past and still hold on to the future? Rated T now, M later. Sookie/Eric, but it’s going to take a little while! Through ch 1 D&G.

(The best retelling of Canon)

Even At My Most Jaded I Still Had Hope by Sarafina85

What if Sookie wasn’t raised by Gran and went through the foster system instead after her parents died? Sookie hasn’t been back to Bon Temps since she was 7 years old but she’s no longer the same girl who left town. AU and canon.

Love Me Dead by AllhailAugustus

What if Bill had drained Sookie in that car trunk in Jackson?

Vampire Mine by Jillian K

AU. To settle a blood debt Eric’s maker gives the young vampire to the faerie prince. 872 years later Niall has a gift for his vulnerable great-granddaughter. In this one Eric is a slave to the faerie royal family and is very different from the highhanded vampire we all know and love.

The Cluviel Dor by BoredOutMyMind

25 years have passed since Eric went to marry the Queen of Oklahoma. Sookie stayed behind, developed more of her ability, and married Sam. One day, she wakes up age 26 again, remembering everything that has happened.

Canvas by SmittenKitten

A slightly disturbed and fucking talented painter with a stalkerish obsession with his muse and absolutely no mouth/brain filter whatsoever!

This is a deviation from what I normally really. It’s a bit fluffy and it’s AH.

Somewhere Only We Know by PersianFreak

Eric is a bar-owner in Nowhere, Louisiana, whose life was altered by the Great Revelation. A twist on CH’s entire universe. AU/OOC

This is a twist on CH’s original characters and feature’s Sookie as a Civil War era vampire set on a mission by the Queen. So far it’s kept my interest.

The Long Road To Love by Nonto94

After Gran’s death, Sookie moves to Shreveport where she meets Eric, a handsome man who is instantly attracted to her but can’t seem to be in a relationship. Meanwhile, someone sinister is pursuing Sookie. AH/AU.

The plot here has kept my interest up. Sookie has someone following her and she can’t figure out who.

Bill and Eric’s Excellent Adventure by hdgcat

Preteen foster kids Bill and Eric are best friends. They discover the power of a blond ponytail and a training bra at summer camp. AH sort of? Not really what it appears to be. Vampire Guest appearances.

Favorite In Progress True Blood Fics

When Vampire Met Fairy by My Universe

AU. Sookie was raised in Faery by Niall. Sookie is still part-fairy and telepathic. However, she also has a dangerous secret that recently came to light. What is the secret and what will Niall do to keep her safe? What role will Eric play?

A Series Of Unlikely Events by My Universe

What if Sookie left Bon Temps at the end of Season 1? Where would she end up, who would she meet, and how would things change for Sookie and the Louisiana vampires? What if Sookie’s new path eventually brings her back to Louisiana?

Beautifully Undead by SharaMoon

I was damned to a life I didn’t want to live, by the vampire that couldn’t watch me die. The person I was enthralled with turned out to be the reason why I live this existence. When you have a lot of time on your hands what do you do? Do justice. AU/OOC

Topsy Turvy by Nanstanie

True Blood has gone topsy-turvy. Sookie is a 1,000 yr. old vampire who runs Fangtasia and Eric is a young telepathic bartender at Merlott’s. Bill and Lorena have switched places, too. OOC Sookie/OOC Eric. AU.

Great One-Shots

Thursday by esquilo-negligenciadas

A bar, an affair, and a corrupt Congressman-there’s a reason some fruit is forbidden, and sometimes the threat of violence is actually a promise. An entry for the Happily Never After contest.

Dark Fic by Suki59

Sookie gets a lesson about warning labels. This fic is dark, but not necessarily in the ways you might expect. It’s a bit silly.

*This story is born of from a discussion on warning labels in fics for when people don’t want to get a face full of surprise rape and abuse.

Yellow Ledbetter by Evenflo78

One truck driver, a flat tire, and a rain-drenched girl. Drifting hearts don’t always have to be lonesome. All human, and very OOC. Written for IWTS2.

Eric The Fanfiction Rapist by Thyra10

Eric wakes up in a strange room and is confronted with his actions. Story for the weekly One-Shot Challenge: “No Means No.” This story contains discussions about rape but there is no rape in it. Rated M for subject matter. There was an ongoing discussion in the fandom regarding how many fics feature Sookie being raped or assaulted by Eric.

Eric the Viking or How I Met the Man of my Dreams by Thyra10

Sookie is reading one of her favorite romances, dreaming about the hero in her book, when suddenly he is in the room. All Human. One-shot. Humor.

We Need To Talk by Elbly

Set after Dead Reckoning – Eric pays Sookie a visit. Sookie POV.

Crazy by Elbly

An IWTS contest entry. Things are not what they appear to be in Eric’s world. AU.

The King’s Telepath by Sleepy Lotus

On a tour of Europe Sookie is snatched up by vampires and sold to the highest bidder. Five years later, a slave in King Russell’s court, she meets a certain Viking sheriff – naturally, her world will never be the same.

The Sleep Of The Staked by Nyah

After the stake is removed in Club Dead, Sookie wakes up nearly naked in bed with Eric, how exactly did this happen? A missing scene of sorts.

Don’t Move, Eric Northman by Thyra10

Sookie wants to be in charge for once. A silly little one-shot.

Death In Disguise by moxiemo

Unsolved Mystery Contest entry. Historians assume that Federico García Lorca was murdered at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. Presented here is another theory. Dead Reckoning spoilers. Eric & Sookie, Felipe & Federico Garcia Lorca.

Deadly Nightshade by Djehmli

AU/OOC-She was his eyes, he was her heart, together they were unstoppable. In a world still reeling from the revelation fairy tales were genuine, a powerful young telepath is kidnapped only to find freedom at the hands of an assassin.

Sookerella by PrincessStayPuff

Sookie falls prey to a mischievous fairy and is sucked back in time to a house party in the 1960’s. There, she encounters some familiar faces…human and vampire alike. Written for Eric n’ Sooks Summer of ’69 contest. M for citrusy goodness. Pre-D&G.

Welcome Home by AllHailAugusts

Eric stays in Italy with Appius for the summer, whether he wants to or not. AH. Rated M for disturbing, mature subject matter.

This is one of the most well written one-shots I’ve seen. The themes cover a mature subject matter. A loss of innocence is always tragic.

An Unlikely Advisor by Jan of Arc

Set between Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead. What might have happened if Sookie and Bill’s relationship had run it’s course?

Dirty Little Secret by Jan of Arc

Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse have had weekly appointments with each other for over a year. When an appointment turns into a liaison, will it expose their secret?

Blood Therapy by Foxprose

The private practice of a New Orleans psychotherapist gains a new client. The action takes place between Dead and Gone and All Together Dead.

Emergency Room by Foxprose

Night falls in the ER of the Grainger, Louisiana, hospital.

The Guilded Cage by Jan of Arc

After an accident, Sookie turns to an online world to ease her boredom. Will she find more truth and insight into real life situations while seeing things through her characters eyes? All human.

22 responses

  1. wow, great list of recs, some i haven’t heard of and will be checking out. i’ve been itching for some new stories, and there are so many to wade through now, it helps to have some guidance!

    and how surprised what i to see death in disguise here? though, i will say, it is SVM and complete :)

    September 27, 2011 at 7:52 PM

    • As someone with an acquired interest in Spanish history, I couldn’t pass it up! :)

      The statue of Lorca in Plaza de Santa Ana is lovely.

      September 27, 2011 at 10:00 PM

  2. A

    If you are looking for something else to read try the Arrangment by TexanLady. It’s on Livejournal and is quite the epic story. She also has quite a few stories on her personal Livejournal site you might like.

    Thanks and Loving your stories. :)

    October 11, 2011 at 5:51 PM

    • I have read part of “The Arrangement.” It is one of the most horrible things I have ever read in this fandom. As I clearly state right at the top of this page, I do not condone fics where Sookie is beaten repeatedly, raped, chained, or brutalized in any way by Eric. That story reads like a platform supporting domestic violence. I do not support any story where Eric sexually assaults, rapes, hits and emotionally abuses Sookie. There are very few things in the western world that are more reprehensible than abusing your partner just because you’re stronger – physically or mentally.

      I am curious though why you would recommend it and what you find likable about it.

      I often wonder if the readers or writers who support the continuations of fics of this nature know exactly what the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse are. If it is unclear to you – because it’s not just about being hit and showing up to work with bruises – I suggest reading through this carefully:

      October 11, 2011 at 11:45 PM


        I work with victims of domestic violence, and I often find myself wanting to send authors of certain fics a copy of the power and control wheel. It astounds me how many think that sort of shit is sexy. It’s reprehensible.

        Kudos to you for speaking out. I’ve often wondered what the attraction to those sorts of fics are myself. I’m even more astounded when people recommend that sort of story to me or other authors such as yourself whose writing is definitely not in that style.

        October 28, 2011 at 12:55 AM

        • I don’t know what the attraction is, to be honest. It’s been discussed ad nauseum on Ms. PMR’s blog though. My own suspicions tell me that the women who think this is hot don’t know much about what domestic violence really is. It’s so much more than just the threat or use of physical violence. I also believe many of these women may well be in abusive relationships themselves and not know it. They take the treatment because they’re afraid or don’t have the means (or think they don’t) to leave. Or perhaps they’ve just settled in unhappy relationships and they’re taking their frustrations out on a fictional character by making her become what they are – a door mat.

          Some might confuse it with sexual fetishes too. BDSM are sexual fetishes/fantasies and that’s totally fine. I’ve got no problem with it. But being dominant or submissive and liking to give or receive a little pain is completely different from being in abusive relationship where you feel threatened all the time, cornered, worthless and beat INTO submissiveness.

          October 28, 2011 at 11:26 AM

          • I have seen discussion on PMR’s blog, but no one naming fics that fall under that category of abuse-as-romance. That’s what I’m really commending!

            October 28, 2011 at 2:06 PM

            • PMR is very diplomatic about not naming names directly. I can say what I want here because it’s my blog. :) No one’s really asked me to personally list off abuse-as-romance fics – but I could. Though that could lead to a certain amount of shit slinging which I’m not overly fond of. It’s smelly and makes everyone dirty.

              October 28, 2011 at 2:12 PM

  3. I came here because I saw someone found their way to my blog through yours, and I’m with Mo. Kudos to you. That fic is everything that’s wrong with SVM/True Blood fanfiction, in my opinion. People read that, and I’d hate to have them think that reflects the fandom, because it certainly doesn’t in my humble opinion.

    October 28, 2011 at 8:03 PM

    • Why thank you Ms. Seastarr :). Yeah, I look back and think at the wasted time I spent reading as far as I did on that fic hoping it would somehow get better but really thinking that with the awful state Sookie’s found herself in, she’d be better off killing herself. That is how awful I felt the fic was. That the main character would be better off killing herself rather than stay in that horrible situation.

      I’d love to for the writer to explain herself. The psychologist in me wants to know what got her to write the characters the way that she has been. I’d like to know if she writes from experience – if she’s rationalized brutality in her own life so she doesn’t go insane or if it’s actually a sexual thing for her. Either way, color me fascinated. Same goes for the high praise reviewers.

      I would hope that people have the good sense to see that doesn’t reflect the fandom but it’s a tough sell at times. There’s a lot of Sookie The Doormat fics that would suggest otherwise.

      October 28, 2011 at 8:20 PM

  4. Someone just rec’d that on my blog, and I’m debating making a thing about it. I don’t know if it’s worth my time. It certainly doesn’t reflect my taste in fanfiction, not that mine is the be-all-to-end-all, but I dunno. There are a lot of doormat Sookie fics out there, and while we all have our weak moments, I think the beat-down version of Sookie that’s abused throughout that story and keeps going back for more is a whole different kind of thing.

    I’m a bit bothered by the things people like sometimes. I don’t know why I take offense to it.

    October 29, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    • I saw that comment in your request for fics. Not only did she recommend the above one, but another that is just as distasteful. Chains That Bind is an awful piece of abuse-as-romance.

      I think it’s better to take offense than be indifferent. Indifference to this sort of thing is by far worse because it gives reason for others to be indifferent as well. People don’t like taking responsibility for anything and will usually wait for someone else to take a stand on something (anything really, I’m not just talking abuse here). The diffusion of responsibility there just perpetuates the idea that it’s okay, which it’s not.

      I’ve been thinking a bit on making a post on the subject as well since the above comment was made. Mostly I’ve been debating on whether I should post real examples from the fics I’ve read or just talk about the perpetuation of the theme in general.

      October 29, 2011 at 1:18 PM

      • I actually did mention it. I’m waiting to see what kind of feedback I get.

        October 29, 2011 at 5:32 PM

  5. I’ve also been considering writing a post on the subject (with examples!) for some time, but have held my tongue because I don’t want to upset people…wanting to avoid mud-slinging, as you say. I don’t know why I’m more timid with my online identity than I would be in real life!

    October 29, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    • I’m going to do it, I think. I’ve started tabbing some fics I know are perfect examples. I won’t use the authors names but pull a few lines here and there as examples. Anonymity would still be protected. I’m only going to use fics that have serious abuse going on, as opposed to just turning her into a “Yes-Eric” machine. It’s a fine distinction…I swear.

      October 29, 2011 at 4:36 PM

      • If you two do it, let me know and I’ll link it on my blog.

        October 29, 2011 at 5:33 PM

  6. vicvega66

    Evening, thought I’d drop in and say hello, hello.

    October 30, 2011 at 7:24 PM

  7. Pingback: This Week in Fanfic…Damns Not Given | Character Fleshed Out

  8. FicReader

    You complain about The Arrangement but what about The Blood Slave? It’s on your Favorite List. In that fic Sookie is taken by force from her family, raped (Eric looks forward to it), trained and then at the end dies and becomes vampire by Eric. I like The Blood Slave as well, I’m just wondering what your logic is with liking this story since it depicts so many of the very things that you despise.

    October 23, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    • My reasoning behind “The Blood Slave” (and I haven’t looked at the fic since early 2011 so my memory might be off), is that yes, she is basically sold into slavery. She is aware of this happening and does make a few attempts to escape, if memory serves me. I don’t recall her becoming a total doormat in the fic, staying with Eric because he beats and abuses her. She is a captive slave so, that is a possibility. (Really she’s a victim of human trafficking like we might see today from women in Russia or South America.) She doesn’t make excuses for what Eric does or tries to brush it off as doing something out of love or concern (what happens in “The Arrangement”). She could attempt to run away and she might be caught like other slaves of the pre-Civil War South. They were then beaten until they learned submission, which is something that occurs in the fic. There are numerous accounts of slaves in the pre-Civil War South who did have relationships with slave owners. I imagine there were plenty of rapes that happened but I also imagine there were a few relationships that were consensual. In the end of the fic, I believe there was some kind of fatal accident that happened so he turned her into a vampire. The dynamic of their relationship is quite different. He’s presented as an overseer, first and foremost, which is not the presentation in “The Arrangement.” Right from the get-go, the Eric of that fic is attempting to manipulate Sookie for his own selfish desires. He wants to completely dominate her and over power her. He wants to own her like property, not because he’s a actual slave owner, but because he believes this is his right for being Eric. He physically and mentally abuses her because he is stronger, because he likes it and because he is actively trying to manipulate her, remove her friendships and make her completely dependent on him so that she basically be unable to live without him. The two stories are wholly different in their dynamic, their approach and the relationship between the two characters. Eric the slave owner, is not an inherently bad or evil individual, despite the fact that he owns slaves. Many, many people throughout history were slave owners but that does not make them inherently evil for doing so. That was how the world worked, centuries ago. Even human Eric, in his days as the chieftan’s son, probably had slaves. But Eric the abuser? Eric the dominant, sadistic vampire who enjoys making Sookie feel like shit for being human, for not doing things that please him in “The Arrangement?” Fuck him. He is nothing but a dark, abusive bastard.

      October 23, 2012 at 5:13 PM

  9. FicReader

    The business of Mail Order Brides is also being depicted as a legal form of trafficking. There was a document about it not too long ago, it was a journalist from the UK and she was meeting with women from Thailand that agreed to this. It really opens your eyes. I know that there is a movement to try and put a stop to this but I don’t think it’s going very well. These poor women!

    I get what you are saying about the differences with the stories, but from Sookie’s POV she is being raped and abused irrespective of Eric’s situation. For me when I read the Blood Slave it reminded me of Stockholm Syndrome. Either way Eric raped her, no sugar coating that. She can never return to her family for fear of her losing them. Even Eric repeated the threat to her, so he’s not innocent in the story.

    Thanks for the reply!

    October 25, 2012 at 11:17 AM

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